Friday, October 14, 2011

it's friday!!!

messy desk = a busy girl.

this is how i spend my days:  reading, writing, homework, drinking sweet tea (one per day), taking my vitamins, etc.  i try to keep myself busy, because it can be pretty boring being stuck at home every day.  i'm ready to start looking for a job, but it's a daunting task, and there are still rare (very rare) moments where i don't feel like myself.  

currently, i am surrounded by dogs.  one is asleep in riley's dog bed, one is asleep under my bed, and one is asleep in my bed.  they keep my company while everyone else is at work or school.  they follow me everywhere.  i can't decide if that's sweet or annoying.  imagine three pairs of dog eyes staring at you when you walk out of the bathroom.  haha.

i'm actually really looking forward to this weekend.  we've made plans to go to a pumpkin patch as a family, and do a little bit of halloween decorating.  i also want to start painting my room and really try to organize it.  the next few weekends are going to be busy, with me going to rochester and halloween (we're throwing a party).  i'm getting really excited!

tonight our cousin justin's high school football team plays against our alma mater.  we've been going to all of his games, but this is one that i'm really excited for, just to see my old high school again.  i've heard it's changed a lot since graduation, and i don't think i've seen the school more than 3 times since my days of roaming it's "halls".  i can't believe how long it's been!

for now, i have plenty of homework to attend to, and errands to run.  hope you have a happy weekend!!

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