Sunday, September 11, 2011

an explanation.

perhaps you've noticed (or perhaps you haven't) but i have been MIA for the past month or so.

i started feeling better after my last post last month.  i really did.  not 100% but well enough to go back to work and function.  but then i got worse.  and worse still.  ernest had to go on another flight and i was at my sickest yet. 

my mom, worried as she was (and i was worried too), flew out to nola and we decided it would be best if she drove me back to san antonio so that i could see our family doctor's, who already know my family history, and get tests run here.

it was hard to leave my apartment, and ernest (who came back the same day my mom flew in).  we waited a couple of days through tropical storm lee and then headed out on the road last sunday.  i've already seen our family doctor and they've drawn blood.  next week i'll be having an MRI of my head done, as i've had some strange headaches lately.

so that is the reason i have not been writing my blogs.  i'm going to try to keep up with it now that i'm slowly starting to feel better, but there is still a lot to be done this month, such as ernest's birthday and getting all of our stuff moved to san antonio from nola.

today seemed like a good day to start writing again, however. 

ten years ago, our country was attacked by terrorists.  and we could've become weak, scared, and let the terrorists "win" by not fighting back.  but we didn't.  our country united and became stronger.  we proved our resilience, we fought back and we continue to fight terrorism.  i'm proud to be an american and i would be honored to serve my country in some small way.  today we celebrate football sunday, we're not hiding in our homes waiting for the next attack to come, we stand there, we pledge allegiance to our flag and honor our fallen heroes and fellow americans.  one nation, as we should.

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