Friday, September 23, 2011

bittersweet goodbyes.

my time in nola is almost up.  i've been here the past week, hanging out with ernest and starting to get packed.  on monday i'll be leaving for good.  i'm sure we'll take a trip out here one day, but not in the immediate future.  i'm just a little bit sad about leaving.  i love new orleans.  the history and architecture.  the food and fun.  of course, i am so ready to be in san antonio.  seven years away was more than enough, and with the way i've been feeling, i need my family around me.  ernest won't be able to move back home for another month, so we'll be separated for a little while, but he'll be home in time for halloween and i'm really excited about that because my parents gave in to my sister's halloween party plans.

anyway, i'm hoping to take one last trip to the french quarter on sunday with my sisters and ernest.  i don't really have the craving for beignets, but i want to see everything one last time.

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