Wednesday, August 3, 2011

we can do it.

last night wasn't so bad.  the loneliness was definitely there, but i managed to get through the night without crying too much.  september certainly feels like a million years from now, and yesterday felt much longer than normal, but it's over and we're on to day two.

riley snuck into the bed last night.  i woke up around 3 am sweating like a...well, i won't go there, but i was definitely sweating...and i felt some weight on my back.  took me about 5 seconds or so to realize that the little mooch had snuck into the bed.  he was definitely sleeping under the bed when i fell asleep last night.  he must miss ernest, too.

my gma, aunt michelle, uncle steve, and cousin, justin, are all coming to new orleans today.  they've spent the past few days in lake charles, gambling at the casinos.  i'm glad they're coming, even if they will only be here a couple of days.

i just wish my momma, daddy & sisters could come.  i'd like another little family vacation.  those are the best!

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