Tuesday, August 2, 2011

little love letters.

 riley saying goodbye to ernest.

oh squish-face.  how we (riley, ralph & i) are going to miss you while you are gone.  is it bad that i wish it was september already?  we haven't even gotten through the two days of august, yet.  it absolutely stinks, knowing that i will go home after work and you will not be there to greet me.  it breaks my heart.

i know it's the last one, and it won't last for long, but it still seems like a long time to be apart, especially since you haven't been gone very often or for long periods of time, since february.  but you know i'll miss your companionship, the ability to snuggle close when the thunderstorms come and watching our favorite shows together.

i'll try to keep busy.  i have the gym and school to keep me occupied, but that won't stop the loneliness.  i have four weeks until my trip to see danielle in phoenix.  i'll just have to look forward to that for now.  but more than anything, i wish we were already at the day you are supposed to come home.  for real.

i love you, boo.  be safe and hurry home.

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