Thursday, August 11, 2011


i don't read my horoscope anymore.  i've long since abandoned tuning in to my astrological sign.  it was all fun and games when i was in high school, but as i've gotten older i've stopped giving astrology any merit.

there is one thing i think they got right, however.  just as astrology recognizes gemini as the two twins and their interchanging personalities, i've always felt like there are two sides to my own personality.  there's the girl in me who loves the country, my boots, animals, huevos rancheros and being outdoors all day long, and then there's the city girl in me, who would love to move to nyc or paris or los angeles, navigating the cobblestone streets (or rodeo drive) in my 4 inch heels, drinking lattes and carrying around my iphone/ipad (okay i don't have an ipad...yet).

it's been really hard for me to discover myself.  i'm still young, only 25, and i still have a whole lot of livin' left to do.  it certainly doesn't help that i have this on-going conflict inside, and so many interests.  slowly but surely, however, i can see my tastes and opinions forming, and i get a little more resolute in my decisions. 

but having two sides to my personality, isn't necessarily a bad thing.  it allows me to be unafraid when it comes to trying new things and brings me in contact with all kinds of different people.  how could that be bad?

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