Thursday, July 28, 2011

show your hearts.

now y'all know i'm a pretty proud texan.  and my mother has always said that i have a bleeding heart.  so you know when i heard about the tragedy that took the lives of joshua and robin berry, leaving their three children orphaned (and the two boys paralyzed), heart sank, and i cried at my desk.  my parents are my life-line.  and my sisters are everything that is precious to me in this world.  my heart would break into a million pieces if this ever happened to my family.

i can't imagine the pain those children are going through, nor can i imagine the costs their family will incur in raising them (especially now with disabilities).  i do know that my own medications cost close to $100 each.  so, if you can fathom what two paralyzed children are going to need, far exceeds what i pay yearly for my meds. 

i didn't have much money to donate, but i do have the power to share this family's story with you, with the hopes that you will donate and share the family with your friends, and so on and so forth.  please visit and (like the song goes) give a little bit.  your donation may be small, like mine, but every little bit counts.  and if i have to choose between giving my $5 to this family, or buying a cheeseburger for lunch, well, the first option is a win-win for both parties, no? 

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