Friday, July 15, 2011

rainy days.

since my parents were here for 4th of july weekend, and we spent a good amount of their visit out and about, we decided to have a nice, quiet weekend last weekend.  what better way to spend a quiet weekend, than doing a large puzzle?

i am a puzzle-queen.  i spend a lot of time doing puzzles, any kind of puzzles.  on this website, or playing sudoku or words with friends on my phone.  when we went to the WWII museum with my parents over 4th of july weekend, i picked up a rosie the riveter (pictured above) 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.  last sunday, in between doing laundry and getting snow cones, ernest's littlest brother, georgie and i completed the puzzle together.

since ernest is working this weekend, as it's drill weekend, and it is looking to be quite a rainy forecast, i think another puzzle is on the agenda.  i have a 1000 piece big ben puzzle in my closet.  can't lie, the more i think about it, the more excited i get!

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