Friday, July 22, 2011

it's friday!!!

isn't my little gadget-fixing honey the cutest!?  here he is, all excited about downloading OS X Lion for our macs.  i have no idea what it does, but it sure made him happy!  my little techie.

ernest's mom is in town (along w/a few other family members), which means we have been eating VERY well the past few nights.  last night his aunt made some sort of sausage and veggie concoction that i am now OBSESSED with and will prob be adding to my dinnertime repertoire.

i have no idea what plans we have for this weekend, but i am sure we will be heading downtown often.  i even did my hair today (meaning i actually fully blow-dried and straight-ironed it!  GASP!) because i think we might be going to bourbon street tonight.  if i have my way, we might take a detour past urban outfitters, because i have been craving some pictures by the pool and i think they just might have the camera i need (something waterproof).

in any case, it is sure to be a full weekend, and i'm hoping to get many, many pictures to share with y'all.  nola is so bright and colorful around this time of year, and i'm just loving every minute of it!

other things i'm loving this week:

1.  booked my flight for labor day weekend to visit my bff, danielle, in phoenix!  so beyond excited!!

2.  booked my little skittle's (y'all know her as corinne) flight to come help me pack and move home at the end of september.

3.  made plans with corinne and ernest to do a 5k the last weekend i'm here in nola.  it's called the "alligator stomp" and is in conjunction with the luling alligator festival.  for participating in the 5k we get free admission into the festival.  i'm kinda excited to see what the t-shirts look like!

4.  ugh, this outfit emily schuman of cupcakes and cashmere put together is super-cute!  i wish i could put something like that together.  ernest and i are going shopping soon, so maybe i can grab a few new pieces.  emily always puts together really inspiring outfits!  and have you seen her home tour!?

5.  ernest and i are in a words with friends battle!  we've been playing 4-5 games at a time and it's so much fun to one-up each other!

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