Friday, July 15, 2011

it's friday!!!

yes, i am well aware i have been lacking on the posts.  please forgive me, but it is SUMMER and i have a million other things to do...fear not, however, because i have a renewed goal to try and blog at least five times a week.  we'll see how it goes, haha!

so what have i been up to lately?  honestly, just school work and hanging out with ernest and his brothers.  i'm trying to get as much ernest-time in as possible because in a few short weeks he will be gone for a month and a half.  :-(  and when he gets back from this next detachment, we'll have a week or so together before i move back to san antonio, at which point we will have another 4-6 weeks apart.  in three and a half months, ernest will move back to san antonio and we will start part three of our life together (part one was when i was still in college, and part two was when we moved in together).

as i wrote earlier, my life has been a lot of schoolwork.  i'm now in the second session of summer 2011 and my current courses include state government and macroeconomics.  because these sessions only last five weeks, i am reading, reading, reading every day in whatever free time i can get between my job, working out and sleep.  lol.  i do spend a little time fantasizing every day, however (particularly at work, to break up the monotony OF COURSE), so here's a little glimpse at what's been on my mind lately.

1.  OBSESSED with this bag and checking every day to see when it will be available for my greedy little fingers to purchase.  can't really decided between the shark or tan tone, although the bag is really quite inexpensive and i could buy one of each color, i love it SO much!

2.  planning trips.  i definitely want to go to rochester for meliora (homecoming) weekend, and phoenix for labor day weekend.  of course, money will be required, and funds are short, as always, but i think i can make it work.  i love little adventures!!

3.  buying fall/winter clothes.

4.  relishing in the last bits of new orleans.  so much to do and see, so little time left!

5.  applying to school (again).

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