Thursday, June 16, 2011


it's here. i can hardly believe it. once again i ask, "where did the time go?"

i knew that twenty-five was coming.  i'm the last of my best girl friends (the psis) to turn twenty-five, so i had a head start on preparing.  but i'm still not ready.

i don't feel like a little girl anymore (and maybe i haven't for a while).  these next five years are the first of my true womanhood.  it's time to grow up and conquer the world. 

but first a weekend of birthday fun in san antonio with some of my favorite people.

ps.  remember when soulja boy released this song?  i was a senior in college and at every party this song would play.  and i was always the one in the middle of the dance floor, tearin' it up.  haha!


the other day i randomly had the song stuck in my head and was trying to remember the steps.  i completely forgot how they went.  sign of old age??

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