Tuesday, June 7, 2011

one quarter century.

am i really turning 25?  it seems like such a dream.  i'm trying very hard to be excited about it, but to be quite honest, i haven't really thought of my birthday much.  there's so much going on right now, more important things (or maybe, more pressing things) that need my attention.

that's not to say that i haven't dreamt of my perfect birthday.  it's the same dream, every year.  good home-cooked food and family.  music and dancing.  a surprise or two.  although this year it's going to be a bit different.  my mom and i have planned a trip to a vineyard in fredericksburg, tx with our family, her mom, ernest's mom and my friends, on saturday, followed by german food and beer.  and on sunday, hopefully, we'll be celebrating father's day at my dad's sister's home (pool party), and maybe a little something special for me too.  i don't want to take the spotlight away from all the fabulous father's we'll be celebrating, mine especially.

and though i've been asked more than once, i haven't the faintest idea what i might want for my birthday.  i think i know what ernest might get me, because i desperately need them.  but other than that one thing, there is nothing i need, nor really want.  truth be told, i don't need presents (don't get me wrong, i love presents, when they are deserved), but i really need some lovin' and family time (and maybe a little understanding).

in fact, my ideal birthday present would be a trip to paris with my sisters.  that's right.  paris.  the city of love.  with my sisters.  as much as i would love to travel with ernest, i see us going more to places like sardinia or barcelona, where everything is so much more chill and relaxed.  but paris with my sisters (yes, and you too, madre) would be perfect. we each of us have an artsy soul, though i'm not sure if they have found theirs yet.  we each of us love food, and france is the perfect country to indulge in.  and the history.  i can't imagine one of us getting bored in one of the many museums or cathedrals or even just walking down one of the beautiful parisian streets.  ah, one day.

une fille peut rêver, non?

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