Saturday, June 25, 2011


i had a really, really great time with my friends, danielle and kelly, when they came to nola for memorial day weekend.  it was nice to have some much needed girl time, and to catch up on each other's busy lives.

they got a small taste of nola, and we all had a ton of fun.  we took them out to bourbon street their first night here, after having some appetizers at mulate's.  had to take them to try some grilled gator and hand grenades!

on saturday we hit up the french quarter, had some beignets at cafe du monde and tried on some mardi gras masks.  we had dinner at zydeco's, and then i got sick, so even though we wanted to go out, we decided against it.  instead we stayed up late and watched the princess and the frog.  such a cute movie!

sunday we got up early and went to the st. louis cemetery, where marie leveau is supposedly buried.  it was a good tour, even though it was stiflingly hot.  we had lunch at a nice restaurant on magazine street, grabbed some daquiris and headed to the pool.  after spending a couple of hours at the pool we decided to have a "happy hour" with wine and chips and salsa.  ernest and i wanted to take the girls to our favorite pool hall, but first we had appetizers at friday's.  we played boys vs. girls and after a few good games we headed back home, because the girls each had fairly early flights.

i love weekends with my friends, and i wish they could happen more often!  i really needed that girl time.  we had so much fun, though we didn't take many pictures.  hopefully i can see all my girls again soon, for labor day weekend.  fingers crossed!

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