Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taylor Swift - Mean

i wouldn't exactly consider myself a taylor swift fan.  it's not like i'm dying to see her in concert, or follow her every move (maybe, i might do that with someone like...say, princess catherine??).  but i do like her songs.  a lot.  and i find it amazing that she has SO MUCH to write about.  when i first downloaded her latest album, i quickly got hooked on this song.  it's such a powerful message, and one that i hope lots of people hear.

i don't think i've ever been bullied.  not to the point where it broke me any way.  but this song really gets to me.  there have been plenty of people in my life who made me feel like i had to prove myself to them.  and that nothing i did was ever good enough.  jealousy can do that to people.  luckily for me i have an amazing family and (finally) the best friends. 

bullying's just not right.  we've seen the damage it can cause, splashed across the front page news.  we find teenagers committing suicide over bullying.  young women, murdered by boyfriends, too scared to ask for help because of the bullying.  when will it ever stop?

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