Monday, May 2, 2011

such quiet weekends.

those are my favorite.

ernest took me to dinner on friday night.  they just opened a tgifridays down the street and we were both excited about this because it gives us a new option for date nights and they serve blue moon!  of course it was crowded, as it has only recently opened, so we found a spot at the bar rather than waiting for a table.  we both ordered burgers and blue moon (as if you didn't already know that).  afterwards we met up with some friends uptown, where ernest got a little waste-y and i played DD (as if you didn't already know that!).

saturday morning i really wanted to go to the farmer's market, but someone was hungover (*cough*cough*ernest*cough* totally owe me) and so i ended up watching the royal wedding coverage i had dvr-ed from e!.  i'm convinced that i'm really the princess of some small (really it doesn't have to be that big!) country somewhere.  dad, are you holding out on us?  we relaxed for the better part of the day, as we were both pretty exhausted (i'm still catching up on sleep). 

that night ernest took me to hooters for some wings and fried pickles (finally, we go to hooters and i'm not the one treating!).  then we went to the movies to see Fast Five.  it was good, but then again, i'm partial to fast cars and foreign countries.  the dialogue was pretty funny, though.  ernest and i determined that the last time we went to the movies together, was when we went to go see The Last Exorcism.  yeah, that was a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago!  funny.

we called it an early(ish) night and the next morning i woke up long before ernest did.  sunday was our day for cleaning and we managed to get quite a bit of it done.  y'all already know how we spent sunday night.  i've been craving steaks for a while, so ernest and fellow sailor, puck, went and picked up some meat and grilled it by the pool.  after dinner we watched the end of iron man, our dvr-ed episode of swamp people and of course, the cnn coverage of osama bin laden's death.  

i'm starting to notice a trend of my weekends revolving around food.  maybe that's why i regained two pounds!?  lol.  but i really am loving these quiet weekends with ernest.  as long as their also mixed in with fun weekends.  which is why i'm trying very hard to talk him into jazz fest next sunday to see kid rock!  fingers.  crossed.

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