Monday, May 9, 2011


i've always been a momma's girl. 

(i've always been a daddy's girl, too, but that's something completely different)

sometimes i feel like i inherited my soul (if there is such a thing) directly from my mother.  because all the things that she wanted and experienced when she was my age, i'm wanting and experiencing too.

she's always been a nomad at heart, always wanted to travel the world, and i feel that same inclination, so very, very desperately at times. 

she's also quite the romantic, but not in the cheesy-sappy chick-flick kind of way.  no, she's more of a jane austen or maybe more like the bronte's. 

and not many people know this about my mom, but she's a writer.  she was never meant to sit behind a desk and process people's payroll, or any other kind of office job.  she was meant to write and teach and lecture (she's really good at that last one, but we won't get into that).  it's no secret that i inherited her love of literature and words and poetry and music, just like she inherited from her mother.

the best thing about my mom, though, is that i can call her any time of day or night and she always makes me feel better, even if she doesn't even know that something is wrong.  there's a reason i call her every day after work.  it's "our-time" as she says. 

my mom is the reason that i keep writing this little baby blog of mine.  she's the reason my book collection is overflowing the shelves i keep it on.  she's my inspiration for every day, and my hero for the life she provided to my sisters and i (along with my dad).  i'll always have memories of her dropping me off at school, packing my lunches, doing my hair, teaching me to be a great big sister, taking me to practices and dance recitals, sharing her love of books and music and shoes (lots and lots of shoes) with my sisters and i. 

and i'll always be grateful.  so very, very grateful.

thanks, momma.  i love you.

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