Friday, May 6, 2011

it's friday!!

what a week.  we started it off with the most unexpected news, that our military and security forces had ended the life of a murderer, an anti-american and terrorist.  i'll never forget sunday night, and i even went out the next day and bought a local newspaper, so i'll always have an historical reminder of where i was.

on wednesday, ernest met me in the park behind our office building for "wednesdays in the square".  it's a free concert series with food and drink booths, as well as art booths.  we didn't know the name of the band playing, but it was nice to be outdoors and people watch.

i just ordered this book, and read through all of matt's archives, from the day maddy was born, until the release of his book.  his story is both heartbreaking and hopeful.  his blog posts are beautifully written (and pretty hilarious at times), his pictures are artfully taken and i cannot wait to read two kisses for maddy.  i also just received this book, and i'm crazy excited about it. 

i'm super-excited for sunday!  ernest is taking me to jazzfest, which we've never been to, and it sounds like it'll be fun.  i just like live music in general, and kid rock is playing that afternoon.  i really enjoyed his set at CMA fest, so hopefully he won't disappoint.

and how could i have a happy week, without my weekly dinner date with my sailor man?  tonight we're heading back to friday's.  i sense that this will become more of a ritual with us, since it's close, it's yummy and they serve blue moon!

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