Thursday, May 5, 2011

fiesta, fiesta.

i cannot tell you enough how much i enjoyed the little bit of fiesta i got to experience on my vacation.  i can't wait until next year (and i think ernest feels the same) so we can also partake in niosa and oysterbake, which happened in the week before we arrived in san antonio for our vacation.

we got in late friday night, so late that ernest just unloaded my luggage and drove home, barely stepping through my parents front door, because we were both so tired and ready for sleep.  the next day i woke up to have a yummy south texan breakfast with my family that consisted of breakfast tacos and sweet tea.

then everyone got dressed and mom, dad, rinna and i (casee had to work) went to the king william fair in downtown san antonio.  food and drink booths were mixed in with artisan booths.  i kept my eye out for something really special to bring home, but didn't find anything within my price range.  my dad got a really cool print with all of the flags that have flown over texas.  mom bought my sisters and i some cute dresses.

but the best part was the food and booze.  they surprisingly had blue moon on tap (with oranges!).  our first stop once we bought tickets was the food and drink booths.  first up, mom got a chalupa and corinne and i got fajita tacos (chicken and beef, respectively).  a little later on, before we left, corinne, dad and i had brisket tacos and mom got a funnel cake (i'm not a huge fan, but we all shared a little bit) and some kettle corn.

after the king william festival, we were supposed to meet ernest and his family where they set up their chairs and bbq pit along the parade route to watch the parade.  we got there a little later than we planned on, so there weren't many chairs left.  ernest's family bbq-ed up quite a bit of food.  we were so full from king william, that we didn't eat much of it, but we did have some of the hot pork sausage and boudin that ernest and i had brought from nola.

corinne and i didn't get to see much of the parade, since we decided to stay back by the bbq pit and hang out with ernest and his best friend, ryan, and ryan's wife, amanda.  mom and dad left early (it was really tight).  we'll plan a little better for next year and try to buy tickets around where ernest's family sets up, i think.  at least that's what i'd like to do.  i was really disappointed i didn't see much of the parade.  i love to watch the floats go by, hear what the bands play and see the dance teams and cheerleaders.

the parade was the end of fiesta, but ernest and i still had a week left at home.  on sunday, we didn't do much.  my family ordered pizza and watched the spurs play.  on monday, corinne, casee and i went shopping and had a late lunch at five guys (my favorite burger joint from when we lived in philly and relatively new to san antonio).  we joined our parents on a 3 mile run on the new trail near our house, which nearly killed me, but was really nice and definitely necessary.

on tuesday, casee had to work and corinne had school and training for her (short-lived) job at HEB.  we saw our grandmother for a little bit (she stopped by on the girls "lunch-breaks) and then ernest picked me up to have lunch with his dad, which was nice.  another 3 mile run that night with my family.  on wednesday, both of the girls had the day off, so we planned on having lunch with mom and ernest.  we went to a nice mexican restaurant near mom's office.  then the girls and i did a little grocery shopping and had another run with mom and dad.  on thursday, corinne quit her job at HEB (told you it was short-lived) and we decided to have lunch at chili's and run a quick errand at the mall.  we didn't run that night, but instead opted to order wings and watch the spurs game with the parentals and ernest.

on friday, my mom took off from work, and she, corinne and i headed out to the palladium to see water for elephants.  it was so good (i swear i can't stop talking or thinking about it)!  then we met up with our grandma for a yummy italian lunch at basil's at la cantera.  corinne, mom and i did a little lot of shopping.  i finally bought some nude pumps (they're really cute jessica simpson "acadia" peep toe pumps), a bathing suit, and a few new shirts for spring/summer.  corinne got the cutest little movie star hat to wear by the pool.  we were at the shopping center, pretty much until it closed.

on saturday, we celebrated easter with my dad's family, in the country at my aunt cyndi's house.  my cousin amber's boyfriend bbq-ed and we had tons of delicious food (my mom made some awesome baked beans!).  the girls and i, and our little adopted cousins got in the pool for a little while.  we also had an easter egg hunt, which amber, her bf, casee, rinna and i were "forced" to participate in (the eggs had money, so we weren't really complaining!  plus i look at easter egg hunts like puzzles, which i love).  ernest showed up in time to watch some of the spurs game, after being out at six flags all morning with his mom and brothers.  it was a good family get-together, even though we had a tragic moment early on.

my aunt sandie and her bf brought their newest addition to their family over, a cute little puppy who had become fast friends with riley earlier in the week.  she was set down and when our heads were turned for just a moment, one of my cousin's bigger dogs (a rescue) swooped in on her like she was a little ragdoll or something.  though she was rushed to the emergency vet, her spine was cracked and she had to be put down.  it was an unfortunate accident, and we were all very sad that she didn't make it. 

on sunday, ernest picked me up from my house (late, very late, haha) with a new little addition in the backseat.  we agreed to take his dad's chihuahua, to help him out, and possibly teach her some discipline (i say possibly, because as of right now, it's not working!).  she and riley are somewhat used to each other now, but at first princess didn't like riley too much.  and riley needs a friend that's playful like him, which princess is not, so he's kind of indifferent to her now.

though our vacation was longer than what we usually spend at home, in san antonio, and even though it was long enough to make me homesick immediately after we left san antonio city limits, it just wasn't enough for me.  i can't wait to be back home next month, for my 25th (holy shit) birthday, and then again in august (i think, for our annual rockport trip).  not long after that, i'll be moving back in with my parents (for a LITTLE while) and waiting for ernest's contract with the military to be up.  i can't believe we're so close to always being able to hang out with our families for holidays and birthdays!!

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