Friday, April 29, 2011

it's friday!!!

oh what a quiet, quiet week we have had, especially after such an amazing vacation as the one we had last week!  i've mostly been trying to catch up on sleep, but that hasn't been too easy, what with ernest still having a week of vacation and staying up late, and the spurs still in the playoffs and playing late.  it's okay, though, because i'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend and maybe (hopefully, fingers-crossed) getting a date or two in with my dude.

when you have quiet weeks like the one ernest and i have, it's the little things that make life better:

1.  after a little scare on wednesday night, the spurs pulled off a win.  now they only have to win two more games to advance in the finals.  FINGERS FREAKIN' CROSSED people!  i'm looking forward to watching the game tonight with my dude and some beers (and perhaps a friend or two?).

2.  we're going to see this movie this weekend.  i have been so excited for it, ever since the trailer was released on superbowl sunday.  i LOVE fast cars!

3.  in exactly one month, two of my besties will be visiting nola!  i can't wait to see their pretty faces. 

4.  idk about y'all, but i've been pretty obsessed with keeping up with the royal wedding.  i was soooooo excited to finally see kate's dress this morning.  can we say STUNNING?  she looked beautiful and that dress was absolutely perfect for her and the occasion.

5.  we have a new little addition to the family!  i'll update y'all on that soon with pictures and whatnot.

sorry the posts have been sparse.  i'm still trying to catch up on vacation posts, so keep your eyes out for those!

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