Friday, April 22, 2011

it's friday!!!

i'm actually less excited about this friday, because that means in two days i'll have to leave san antonio and head back to new orleans.  i'm going to miss home so much, but at least i know i'm going to come back for my birthday and i'm only a few months away from moving back.

this whole week has been awesome, with just enough downtime, and lots of family time.  i've run three miles almost every night with my mom and dad, and my sisters have taken turns coming as well.  riley has really enjoyed being with his "cousins", and even though i haven't seen ernest a whole lot, we have spent some quality time with each other's families.

1.  today i'm going to see this movie with my mom and corinne.  y'all know how much i loved the book, and i just know i'm going to love the movie as well!

Official Movie Poster via.

2.  maybe i'll gain back the five pounds i've lost since i started running more regularly, but the tex-mex is DEFINITELY worth it!!

breakfast tacos, salsa verde and sweet tea.  the perfect breakfast!

3.  watching spurs games with the family.  on foxsports southwest.  makes the experience infinite times better!

4.  spending saturday at my aunt's house bbq-ing by the pool.  i love much-needed family get-togethers when i come into town!

5.  having moments like these with my sisters!  somehow, when adjusting it without a mirror, casee managed to get her bra strap on the OUTSIDE  of her dress!  haha, priceless!

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