Friday, April 1, 2011

it's friday!!

it's friday, it's friday, it's friday and i am freaking out.  my application needs to be turned in tonight and i'm just so nervous about it that i keep editing and editing and editing.  oh holey mole (don't eat it, idk why mole would be holey), i just want it to be tomorrow morning already.  but, ernest has been good to me this week, and has helped me relax and focus every step of the way, so for that i am very grateful.

here's a few other reasons i am happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel:

1.  boomtown date tonight with my love to celebrate his getting into UTSA and my turning in my application to UT.  all-you-can-eat king crab legs at the boomtown buffet and beer sounds like the best date ever right now!

2.  okay, okay, maybe we won't be having beers tonight...because we have a 5k tomorrow morning, bright and early!  i am so excited to run my first 5k with ernest benefiting the united way.

3.  ernest's leave was officially approved which means i will be going home for an entire week this month!  i cannot wait for fiesta, mud-running with my sisters and lots and lots of mexican food.  and probably quite a few margaritas!!

4.  i might have mentioned before that the borders in my area is going out of business.  this weekend they are offering insane deals and since the store is on the way home from where the 5k is being held, i'm really looking forward to making a pit-stop and hopefully picking up a few new books for a great price.  you know me, i'm a book collector!

5.  i purchased the songs for japan album earlier this week.  best $10 i spent all year, so far. ♥

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