Wednesday, April 27, 2011

g-damn hormones.

at least, that's who is getting the blame for my gloomy mood.  the g-damn hormones.  all i know, is i want to be home in my bed reading, or watching tv, or just staring at the ceiling.  i don't want to be in this office, doing the most mundane work i've ever had to do with people i don't really trust.

it could also very well be that i am already homesick, and have been since we filled up for gas at the valero by my parents house.  i guess i just know how close we are to moving back to texas and so i'm ready.  i'm SO ready.  i'll miss our apartment, but we can get a new one, right?

anyway, this feeling, it's hard to explain.  i tell ernest that what i feel is "lost" and that's the best description i can come up with.  listless might be a good one too.  i guess i just want to be in familiar territory.  it would be so very, very helpful. 

what do you do when you start feeling "lost" or "listless"?

ps.  i totally wish i could take friday off so i can watch the royal wedding.  i am dying to see her dress!!  definitely DVRing it...if i could only figure out which channel it will be on!

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Tim Cooper said...

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