Tuesday, March 1, 2011

post-GRE bliss.

yesterday morning i woke up bright and early and said to myself..."okay, if mom was here, what would she be nagging me to do before i take my very, incredibly important test?"

so, instead of trying to cram extra info into my brain, i took a shower, made myself some eggs and waffles with a glass of milk and made myself straighten my hair.  mom has always said that you can't tackle your day without a good breakfast and a sense of accomplishment.  which is why i rarely leave the house in the mornings hungry or looking scrubby.

then, i thought to myself, "what would dad tell me to do?"  the answer to that is he would tell me to make sure i knew where the testing center was, what rules they would have, etc., etc.  so i double-checked the address and looked up "what to bring" and any restrictions the testing center might have. 

i made sure to wear clothes that i could be comfortable in (my favorite jeans, a loose dress shirt with long sleeve that could be rolled up if cold, or down if hot, and my toms which could keep my feet warm if the room was cold, and are basically just comfortable all around).  i brought extra pencils just in case the testing center didn't provide any (since that wasn't clear) and made sure (TWICE!) that my driver's license was in my purse.

see, mom and dad?  i WAS listening!!!

the exam wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be.  though, if i had started studying earlier, i would've definitely scored higher.  of course, i still have to wait for my score on the essay portion of the test.

i was really excited after the exam was over, and i was jamming out in my car on my way to borders (which is closing by me) to spoil myself with some new books.  i felt like a load was lifted off my chest and i could now just relax and wait.  nothing to worry about.

i did stress myself out a lot the past week, and made myself sick over it.  i'm still dealing with the repercussions of that, but mardi gras is next week and the weather has been beautiful and ernest finally made it home, so i'm hoping that my stress will go down a lot over the next few days.

oh wait.  i still have to finish my applications to grad school...there.  goes.  that.

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