Friday, March 25, 2011

it's friday!!

 isn't that just the cutest face you've ever seen??

there isn't much to say about this week.  i've had lots of work to do at the office, lots of working on my application for grad school and ernest and i have run a few times to get ready for the 5k next weekend.

we're planning on a quiet weekend, with lots of relaxing and getting well for me.  ernest has to work both saturday and sunday, so i'll be home alone with riley and ralph.  i might venture to spend some money, seeing as how i'm desperate for some new spring clothes, but we're trying to layoff frivolous spending so much because march has been an expensive month between mardi gras and corinne's visit.

plus we have our vacation next month to look forward to!

anyway, what got me through this week??

1.  (hopefully) ernest and i will be grilling steaks this weekend.  we both want to get a grill and we saw some on sale (this would not be frivolous spending, because we both like bbq and will do it a lot!).

2.  nyquil.  when your chest is congested and your nose is stuffy and you feel like you just want to dig your own grave because you can't get comfortable to save your life, nyquil takes the bullet for you. least...puts you to sleep.  ernest and i have used it a few times since getting sick.  in fact, we bought the bottle about a week and a half ago and now it's almost all gone!

3.  a new shirt from urban outfitters.

4.  getting back into the habit of running daily.  for the past few weeks i've been slacking, but i'm ready to train for 5ks and the mud run i'm doing with my sisters next month!

5.  just knowing that i have the weekend off, with nothing to do and plenty of time to myself.  because who doesn't need to be reminded to:

 google image.  but you can purchase here.

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