Tuesday, March 1, 2011

crazy for lovin' you.

so i'm going through this "phase".  it's called, "candice-is-so-homesick-she-is-going-crazy."

i blame it on the fact that i am SOCLOSE to moving back home.  i really just want to be there already.  i mean, i don't want to fast-forward through time or anything, but i just feel like once i get back to texas i'll feel so much more like myself.

maybe it's because i still have so much to do between then and now.  and maybe it's because i know that at some point between now and august, ernest will have to go on detachment again and i'll have to be here in new orleans, alone and lonely.

this also may have been brought on by the fact that my friends and i are trying to plan another reunion/getaway, and it's getting a little stressful.  but i guess trying to get seven women, with incredibly different lives, can be a little difficult.  i just hope we agree on something soon, because i am so tired of not having any girl time and really just feeling completely uncomfortable every time i go out with ernest and his friends. 

i don't know.  my heart has just felt really heavy lately.  i can't think of when it started, or why.  i just know that more than anything i want a weekend with my family (and some good mexican food, with a side of prickly pear margs).  maybe i can talk ernest into going home sometime next month.  if not, i'll just have to wait until april (although i'm not sure which weekend i'll be going yet). 

how do y'all cope with homesickness?  any suggestions for someone who has been battling it for seven years and can't quite find a good remedy short of a trip home?

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