Thursday, March 24, 2011

blame it on the [nyquil?]...

i know, i know.  i'm a little behind on posting.  give a busy/sick girl a break, would ya?

y'all already know that my sister and her best friend were here for their spring break.  and i'm sure y'all can remember that i'm working on my application for grad school.  so that's kept me preeeeeeetty darn busy lately. 

on top of that, i got sick sometime at the end of last week, about a week and a half after ernest originally got sick.  i was hoping he had something that wouldn't get passed to me, but unfortunately that didn't work out.  the only bright side is that i am not nearly HALF as sick as he was.  still not completely sure what it could be, but i am a religious allergy pill taker so i know it's not that.

so, i have fallen wayyyyyyyy behind on my posting, although i've been starting posts on my lunch breaks, and have a few coming up with you.  it's just hard to find time to add the pictures in.  my "it's friday!!" post from last week should've posted on time, but i definitely dropped the ball on that.  it's easy to forget when you're sick & having fun!!

and my mardi gras post was wayyyyy late, and still doesn't have all the pictures, but it should by tomorrow.  there are a lot to post, and i'm in the process of weeding through and posting them to my photobucket account.

just know that i have not forgotten you, my little blog baby.  i will be back soon with plenty more posts and i promise my "its friday!!" post tomorrow will be ON TIME!!

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