Friday, February 4, 2011

taking care of business.

so i may have mentioned before, how proud i am of my parents for taking control of their health and making healthier life choices.  i think it's great that they've both become avid runners, and have inspired my sister, corinne, and i to do the same.  i haven't lost much weight, yet, but i do feel stronger and healthier and the days that i don't workout or go for a quick run, i feel depressed and heavy.  running and eating healthy make you a happier person, besides making you a healthier person.

anyway, to date my dad has lost 58 pounds.  he has been working out and making healthier food choices for over a year.  you wouldn't believe how different he looks!  even though he has more gray hair than he did on the day i graduated from college, he looks younger!

and with all the running my parents have been doing, they're continually decreasing their time and dad has increased his distance!  i think i mentioned before, when i talked about our orlando trip, that my dad and i stayed together during the 5k.  i slowed him down by about 5 minutes.  he usually runs 5ks in 30 minutes, sometimes less.  i think that's amazing, considering he only picked up running again about 18 months ago.

last weekend, my dad and uncle did the 3M 1/2 marathon and relay in austin.  they did the relay together, so they each ran a little more than 6 miles for a combined time of 2:11:36.  awesome, right!?  i wish i could've been there to cheer them on.  or do the relay too!

anyway, this is all to say that my parents have become my inspiration for being healthier.  you all know i've been more into running, and i was so excited after my last 5k.  i still really, really want to do the rock n' roll half marathon relay with ernest, but i know it's not likely.  there are other 5ks in new orleans, though, and i'm hoping to do at least one a month.

 doesn't my dad look like such a professional runner!?  the video is of my uncle finishing the race, but there are some great pictures of my dad!

ps.  i am, indeed, wearing RED today.  are you?

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