Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oh my.

my teeth hurt.

plain and simple.  they just hurt.  not only do they hurt, but the braces are rubbing against the inside of my mouth, so now it's rough and peeling.  no.  me.  gusta.

so i may be a little cranky today.  no big deal.  it doesn't help that it's so gloomy and foggy outside.  it's like, the sun completely forgot to rise this morning.  i guess it could be worse.  we could be expecting snow.  haha.  not likely when it feels like it's the middle of spring instead of the middle of winter.

i'm just looking forward to the summer now.  i want to go to the beach and i want to go often!  haha, well.  a girl can dream, i suppose.

i saw some pretty bathing suits at target yesterday.  so many beautiful, bright colors!

speaking of target...can someone please explain to me how i go into that store looking for a new toothbrush, mouthwash and some candles and walk out with $85 worth of stuff i never knew i needed?  i got to the checkout and was pulling stuff out of the basket and just kept thinking, "wow, when did all of this get in here!?"

haha, i can't help it.  i love target.  i bought some really pretty, sweet-smelling candles on sale.  they were $12 tin jars on sale for $4.50.  the scent was pomegranate cassis, which i think will be a nice, relaxing scent for my little office area (aka the bedroom).  i'll be spending plenty of time there, as the days count down to my GRE test-date.  i just want it to be over with already!

ps.  don't forget!  national wear red day is THIS friday, february 4th!!

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