Friday, February 18, 2011

it's friday!!

it's been a quiet week for us.  it started out with an amazing valentine's date, and ended with my not being able to keep my eyes open long enough to watch even the first quarter of the spurs game last night (which is probably a good thing, considering what a horrible game it was).  yup, i definitely caught something although we're not sure what. 

the good news is, i'm feeling much better, and just in time for the weekend!  here are some highlights of my week and things i'm looking forward to:

1.  my valentine's day surprise.  so so so delicious.  i'm surprised we still have about half of it left.  clearly my being ill put a damper on my ability to overfeed myself.  :-)

2.  realizing that i wasn't actually gaining weight, but that the reason my sports bra was so tight was because i still had my regular bra on.  yup.  sometimes when you're sick, you forget things like that.  i also forgot my lunch yesterday.  packed it up about ten minutes before i left and then left it on the counter.  and on tuesday morning i realized i had left my wallet at home right about the time that it was my turn to order at the starbucks drive-thru.  the beauty of all this forgetfulness is that i'm laughing about it.  right now.  AS.  I.  TYPE.

3.  kicking off mardi gras this weekend with a parade downtown.  ernest tells me we're going, so i'm holding him to it!  it will be my much deserved and needed study break from GRE test prep.  can't wait!

mardi gras 2010.

4.  dinner tonight with my boo.  i always look forward to our dinner dates.  even if we always end up going to the same place (we can't help it!  they have blue moon!  and we may or may not be addicted.  and by we, i mean me...)!

5.  my sister, casee, got a new job as a teller at a bank!  while this has no direct impact on me (unless she finally decides to pay me back the $12 she owes me from 2007...haha, jk.  kinda.) i am incredibly excited for her!  it'll be a great opportunity and learning experience, i think.  and definitely a step up from waitressing at cap's (which has awesome pizza, btw).

 casee circa 2007.  she's so cute!!


Something new. said...

Lmbo okay you'll get your 12 bucks when Corinne gives me 174189716417460 because I'm sure that's how much she owes me.

jaderox213 said...

hahaha, is it?? when did you get a blogger profile?