Friday, February 11, 2011

it's friday!!

and thank goodness, because i really, really wanted this week to be over, SO BAD. 

haha, i guess that's how i'll be feeling until it's time for ernest and i to move home.  it's okay though, because between now and then i'm going to try and make sure we enjoy the best of new orleans and the surrounding areas.  which is why i can't wait until spring finally arrives (much as i love layering up for winter, i've always been a shorts and flip flops kinda girl), so we can go to the zoo and have more beignets downtown!!!

there have been a few things that have made this week bearable, however...

1.  ernest's passion for playing basketball.  which reminds me of my passion for softball...yet another reason i can't wait for warmer weather.  anyone up for a game of catch??

2.  making valentines, planning a valentine's dinner and getting excited for ernest to open his present.  (and looking at all these pretty prints!)

3.  putting together my sister's birthday present.  which needs to be mailed TODAY in order to get to her in time for her birthday next tuesday.  wish i could be there to give it to her in person and see her reaction, 'cuz i know she's going to LOVE it.

4.  the rogue present ernest got me for christmas finally made it into my hands.  it's not what he originally wanted to get me, but it's pretty darn close and i LOVE it.

 the cover art is done by ruben toledo, 
who also did the artwork for a few other classics, 
including wuthering heights, which i also own.

5.  a little extra cash in my pocket (thanks for doing my taxes, dad!).  which, of course, has given me the itch to buy these (and track these down in my size).  i'm resisting...but planning a shopping trip this weekend, so we'll see what happens!

i hope everyone has a happy valentine's weekend!  ernest and i will be laying low, since he has to work both saturday and sunday, but we're not big on valentine's day anyway.  we like to keep it pretty simple with a home-cooked meal and movies while vegging out on the couch.  do you have any special plans??

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