Friday, February 4, 2011

it's friday...

hey y'all, you know what today is!

i had a decent week.  i wanted it to go fast and it pretty much did.  and here is why this friday is a happy, happy day:

1.  my boo is home!  he's back from his 2 week around the world trip and i am so glad to have him home again.  i missed him so much, and every time he's gone instead of it getting easier to be here without him, it gets harder.

2.  i finally made some serious life choices, starting with setting the date i'm going to take the gre, what date i want to submit my application and what i want to do about being so unhappy at my job.  yup, lots of decisions were made today, after two days of serious drama.  rash choices?  maybe.  but i need to be happier to be healthier.

3.  i am going to hand-make my valentine's tomorrow!  i'm so excited.  i've been feeling creative for a while, but i haven't had any good ideas or time to execute.  pictures to follow, i promise!!

4.  i don't usually love pictures of myself, but... i love this picture i took last september!  haha, right after i dyed my hair lighter.

5.  i'm making chili and we're drinking blue moons!!!  right now!!!

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