Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!!

Je t'aime.

well, y'all. it's valentine's day! ernest and i don't have any special plans, but i can't wait to be home and just hang out with him all evening. to be quite honest, we're not huge on the commercialized holiday. i'm not begging/hoping for diamonds and chocolate and i'm certain ernest isn't worrying over how romantic he should be. if he is, then you might want to start building a fallout shelter. because armageddon is-a-comin'.

the holiday is about love, not bling. it's about appreciating what you already have, because love is a privilege that many take for granted. just try and remember that, when you get home from work today, and your boo is too tired to be romantic, or sexy, or anything but hungry and sleepy.

speaking of being hungry...last night, i made us a yummy valentine's dinner, with lemon-herb baked chicken, roasted potatoes and asparagus, and four cheese baked penne. needless to say we had PLENTY of leftovers. but, i'm hoping that my so very generous valentine doesn't make me eat those leftovers for dinner again tonight (especially since i had some for lunch). fingers crossed for pizza (or something equally yummy that doesn't involve me standing over the stove...)!!

i do plan on making some chocolate covered strawberries tonight. but, let's be honest here, those are more for me than for ernest, haha! other than that, i expect it'll just be another monday. well, maybe we'll put one of ernest's presents to'll result in much-loved cuddle time. i'll let y'all know. ;-)

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