Saturday, January 1, 2011

top ten of 2010.

i feel like this year really flew by me.  it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the end of 2009 at my cousin's house and here 2011 comes, sneaking up on us.  but you know, i don't feel sad, or disappointed about it, nor do i regret that i didn't get to really enjoy this year because the reason my year flew by so fast is that i did so much.

it was our first full year in new orleans, and we tried to do as much as we could, even with ernest being gone for (AT LEAST) one-third of the year.  riley was trained to be out of his kennel while ernest and i are at work (thanks, mom) and at night while we're asleep.  ernest bar-b-que'd for me A LOT.  we learned about sharing responsibilities and valuing each other.  and i learned about myself as an employee, and finally realized what i want to do with my future.

i had a really great year, even if i didn't accomplish everything on my list for this year.  so, while looking forward to a new year and more adventures, i thought i'd share my top ten favorite moments from 2010.  here goes:

10.  buying my own electronics for the first time in my life.  i bought my first nice camera in april, my first macbook in june and a fujifilm instax mini 7s in november.  these big purchases made me feel like an actual adult (or maybe it was just looking at the credit card bill, haha!) because i paid for them (or in the case of my macbook, am paying for it) on my own, without any help from my parents or ernest.

9.  going to gulf springs, alabama, (before the bp fiasco) with ernest and riley for easter weekend.  unfortunately, they don't allow dogs on that beach and it was too cold to get in the water, but we had planned to make another trip or two there over the summer.  of course the bp fiasco kept us from doing that.  it was nice to spend a few hours on a beautiful beach with my honey, though.

8.  lady antebellum at the rodeo with ernest and my sisters, and doing the rodeo run with my family.  that was my first run since my sophomore year of college, and the first time i had ever seen lady antebellum live.  i was really glad that ernest and i made the decision to take that weekend off and buy the tickets for the concert (even if we ended up in the last row!).

7.  kat coming to visit me in new orleans was so much fun!  it came at a time when we both needed a friend, and the last time we had seen each other was in the fall of 2008, so it was definitely time to reunite.

6.  my besty, danielle, coming to visit in march.  she and i don't get to talk very often, but i miss her everyday.  we had a great time, trying all the local fare and making sure she had a hand grenade and a hurricane.

5.  attending my first longhorns football game with my dad and corinne.  hopefully one day in the future we'll be attending as students, but just to experience that atmosphere, and have my dad there to experience my first game with, was awesome.

4.  as always, going to the coast with my grandma, mom and sisters is a huge highlight of my year, and something i look forward to every summer.  hopefully next year we can spend a few more days relaxing at the beach, especially since by then i should be moving back home.

3.  finally having a reunion with all of my girls in orlando, after two years since our last reunion (when all seven of us were together for meliora weekend in 2008).  not only was it a blast, and a much-needed weekend of relaxing and girl-time, but just to be with my friends again made a huge difference in my year.

2.  going to cmafest with my "big sister", danielle, was amazing.  an opportunity i hope i get to have again sometime in the near future.  music was everywhere, every one was having a good time and it was so nice to have some quality time with danielle.  nashville posts here, here, here and here.

1.  having my sister come spend the summer with me and having some mother-daughter-sister-time in new orleans were the highlights of my year.  we had a lot of time to really bond and have lots of fun, exploring new orleans, shopping and working together and trying new things.

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