Sunday, January 16, 2011

orlando, day 1.

we had the best time in orlando.  i got in late thursday night, and the rest of my family had already been there since wednesday.  before they picked me up from the airport they went on a swamp tour and saw tons and tons of alligators.  not gonna lie, i was pretty sad i didn't get to go on that, but ernest and i do live in the great state of louisiana, so it's not like we won't be able to do a gator tour here.

on friday, we woke up bright and early, put our 5k t-shirts on and our bibs and headed over to epcot, where the buzz and woody best friends 5k was taking place.  it wasn't a timed race, so corinne and i both decided to time ourselves.  she on her watch, and i on my iphone.  we started in the 11-13 min mile group, but that was probably a bad idea because it took us two minutes just to get to the start line once the race started and then it probably took an additional 2-3 minutes to get past the pack of people walking, or jogging at a slower pace.

my dad and i kept pace with each other, and we lost my sisters and mom around the first mile.  my cousin amber finished first, somewhere around 2 minutes before dad and i.  our final time is posted in this post.  we finished in just under 35 minutes (from start to finish line).  then my aunt and uncle came in about 2-3 min after us and my mom and sisters 2-3 min after them.  it was actually a lot of fun, and i was quite surprised that i didn't really need to stop, even though we did twice, for about 10 seconds each time, plus we made really good time.  i would totally do it again, plus i've already started looking for runs here in nola for ernest and i to do!

after the 5k we went back the hotel and napped/showered.  i'm not a good napper anymore (i swear i was a champ in college), so i took the first shower after my parents (they had some meeting to go to, that didn't end up happening) and then laid down and watched the news while my sisters took their turns.  once every one was showered and dressed and my parents came back from the meeting that never happened, we headed off to magic kingdom and spent the whole day there.

we didn't get to do everything, since we got there after one and the park closed at 8.  there were long waits in some lines, and not so long waits in others.  we definitely wanted to do space mountain, so we got a fastpass for that (which was a 4 hour wait, i think) and then we went to a few different roller coasters and rides (including "it's a small world", the dumbo ride, peter pan and haunted mansion).  there's just so much to do there, and we didn't even get to half of it.  space mountain was awesome, though.  i could totally do that over and over and over!

i loved the fireworks show, when the park closed.  i didn't get to see that last time, as the psis and i did the park during the day, and left early so we had time to get ready to go out.  :-)  i especially liked tinkerbell, and i wasn't even sure if it was a real person, or not.

in all, it was a great day, and a great way to kick off our vacation.  i just wish we had more time, but i'm sure we'll be going back again someday.

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