Thursday, January 6, 2011

little love letters...

squishy, my squishy.

i miss you already.  i haven't even packed for my trip to orlando and i'm already sad you're not coming.  yes, i'm very, very, very excited to be going on a family vacation, but you're my family, too, and in light of recent circumstances, i just want to be near you. 

you told me i looked pretty this morning.  i don't think you know how far that will carry me.  i'll probably feel pretty into next week.  it was so unexpected, and made me smile because i was wondering why i felt so self-conscious with the way you were looking at me this morning.  and i wanted to stay home, so bad.  just to hang out with you for an extra half hour, or however long it took you to get ready. 

i know i say it all the time, but i really can't wait until you're done with flying, and we can take some time off and just enjoy each other.  i can't wait to move into our next home together, and start the next chapter of our lives. 

i know everyone thinks i'm obsessed with you.  or "sprung".  and maybe i am.  maybe i want to be.  maybe it's because you really are my bestest friend and i want to spend every moment i can with you because i just want to.  because you make me laugh, you make me think and you get me.  even when i don't get myself.

just know this, squish-face:  when i get back from orlando, we are so planning our own vacation.  i don't care if we just go to a bed & breakfast nearby, i want to make new memories with you.  that's all i ask.

love you.

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