Sunday, January 2, 2011

in pictures...

my favorites of 2010:


riley got his first jacket ever (in cowboys colors!), ernest gave me the world, i won a gift bag from glamour.


i have the cutest dog ever, and sailor-man who knows what i love.


playing downtown, yummy beignets, LOVE.


i discovered my dog loves to model, played with my new iphone app, cried when we found out ernest had to leave for two months and helped him pack.


mom sent me a picture of the wildflowers in texas, because she knew i was missing them, and i sent ernest kisses in the desert.

spring sprung in new orleans, and crawfish season finally came!

corinne and i had the best photo shoot ever in the park.

the psis reunited in orlando and drank lotsa-ritas!!


mom, rinna and i partied in the park, ate crepes and drank margaritas from a pouch.  mother-daughter-sister toast in nola.

my big took me to cmafest.  we drank hypnotic and pineapple juice from panera cups.

we wore cowboy boots and drank blue moons at the night concerts.

we tried to eat healthy (at least we stayed hydrated!) and made friends with our neighbors.

i turned 24, ernest took me out for crawfish and jagerbombs.  we took corinne to a zephyrs (minor league baseball) game.


we drove home for 4th of july, riley and chloe are bffs, my sister and i played with the camera at the mcdonald's drive-thru.

we had fried pickles, taught corinne how to play pool and explored the new orleans aquarium.


ernest's family came to visit.  we played with ethan (his nephew), i taught georgie to use chopsticks and riley made a new best friend.

we explored ernest's "office" and bought some fresh produce at the farmer's market across from the base.

ethan tried to hide in our cupboards, my cousin, maddie, turned 16 and got an authentic new orleans carnivale mask, and i saw the prettiest sunburst ever.


i changed my hair color and we went to see the band perry perform at boomtown.

i bought the hipstamatic app.

ernest took me out for the best burritos EVER at izzo's.

we went downtown to watch the parade to kickoff football season, and watched the saints play, ate wings and had blue moons in a downtown bar.

we had a date to count our coins and met up with grandma in lake charles.

ernest turned 24.


i crafted my first wreath, decorated for halloween and got braces put on.

we bought krispy kremes and i tried bubble tea for the first time.

riley napped with his daddy and i painted for the first time.

ernest and i went on starbucks dates and babysat the cutest and quietest kid.

we picked pumpkins from a church pumpkin patch.

kat came to visit, introduced me to frozen yogurt, we tried abita root beer with pure cane sugar and fried gator.

i went home and had all my favorite foods, sweet tea and saw my first longhorns football game.

we dressed our pups up for halloween.


i was overworked, missing ernest and riley destroyed my history textbook.

mom came to visit and we did lots of shopping and bought pretty things.

i went home for thanksgiving and we put up the victoria's secret tree.


i put up our tree, got overworked some more and ernest came home!

he took me on a surprise dinner date for all-you-can-eat king crab legs, we got starbucks a lot and drove 8 hours to san antonio for christmas.

the sisters and i went on starbucks dates, baked cookies and granny gave me the cutest pillowcases, EVER.

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