Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year!!

ernest and i had a quiet new year's.  we opted to stay in for a number of reasons:  1.  neither of us was feeling all that great, 2.  ernest is on duty this week, and can get called into the office at any moment, 3.  we wanted to save a little money, with christmas having just passed and me going to orlando next week, and 4.  new orleans isn't the safest city, and we didn't want to take any chances with the crazies, drunks or drunk drivers.

i had bought a dress from express a few weeks ago, just in case we decided to party in san antonio, or maybe go to a house party, and i really wanted to put it on, since i'm not sure when i'll have another chance, so i told ernest we should get dressed up and take a few pictures because it's been a while since we have had a nice one of the two of us.

earlier in the day we were out and about at the mall, making exchanges and looking for things to buy with our gift cards.  i actually didn't come out with much, since i didn't take into consideration that the mall would be packed, particularly the store i have a gift card for (forever 21).  i did go to borders and used the gift card ernest's sister got for me.  i ended up with three new books (aztec and maya - charles phillips, body surfing - anita shreve and the house of the spirits - isabelle allende) and a desk calendar for my office.

after shopping ernest took me out for our last dinner date of 2010.  we decided on applebee's, where i had a steak and ernest had a burger.  our waitress was such a sweetheart, especially for having to be there into the new year, so we left her a very nice tip.  then we headed over to target, where we picked up some favors and a bottle of champagne.

i had asked ernest if we could get some sparklers if we decided to stay in, so after we finished at target, we drove over to one of the many fireworks stands and picked some up along with a few bottle rockets (or "gator tails" as ernest likes to call them now).  when we got home, we played some super mario bros., watched some ghost adventures and waited for the new year to come.  we cuddled with riley as much as possible, since he was terrified of the fireworks, and then when 2011 arrived, we all went outside to light our sparklers and bottle rockets.

it was a cozy little new year's celebration for us and so nice to spend it as a little family.  i'm really looking forward to this year, and what it has in store for us as a family, and individually.  i'll be posting my eleven goals for 2011 soon, so keep an eye out!

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