Tuesday, January 18, 2011


did i just make up a word?  i feel like i've heard the word "destress" before, but who knows?  all i know, is it works for me right now.

thank goodness for quiet weekends, spent at home, doing the things that we enjoy most, (ie. vegging out and eating good food).  ernest spent the vast majority of the weekend playing video games with his little brother, while i sat nearby and read/watched him get frustrated at the game.

we've become homebodies, recently, in preparation for the huge change that is coming towards the end of this year, when ernest and i will likely each take a huge cut in pay once we move back home, and his contract with the navy is up.  IF i get into grad school for the fall, i plan on going full-time and working only part-time.  my goal is for ernest and i to each get good enough scholarships and grants so that he won't have to work, because he wants to over-load and graduate in 3 years instead of 4.  can you blame him?  he'll be starting from scratch at 25 years old.  a scary, scary thought.

anyway, so our goal is to cutback on unnecessary spending, and save up money for "just-in-case".  we honestly at this point have no idea what to expect come the fall, and that is just WAY too stressful for me.  on one hand, i do love to fly by the seat of my pants, and take what comes, but with money and school, i just NEED to have a plan.

this weekend was a good "de-stresser" for me.  honestly, i probably should've studied more than i did (at least i can now tell you that area = length x width, haha).  but, i seriously needed to clean and de-clutter my apartment.  we cleaned from top to middle, and tonight i will be working on middle to bottom after our workout.  i rearranged my bookshelves (they were in dire need of it...i'm on overflow and have no idea where i'm going to put any new books i acquire) and my desk, we did laundry, tag-teamed the bathroom and the kitchen, and i organized the garage a little better (every time the season changes, it's gotta be done!).  we got one workout in this weekend, but i'm counting yesterday's cleaning, since that was quite a workout itself.

also, i treated my sailor-man to mulate's (which you guys might remember from this post), where we shared fried gator, zydeco cheese bread and cajun southern bbq ribs (i have leftovers for lunch today!).  it was delicious and i was so pleased to know that ernest enjoyed it as much as i had hoped he would.  hopefully we can go again in the future, but it's a pretty expensive place, and there are other restaurants i want to try before we move.  and, like i mentioned earlier, we are trying to cut back, so i don't think we'll be eating out for a few weeks.  :-)

i had a perfect holiday weekend, how was yours?  did you get things you had been putting off done?  or did you just relax all weekend, maybe go on a date with your significant other, or bff?


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