Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on my way...

i know i've been a little neglectful, the past few days.  no worries.  i usually bring my laptop to work, so i can write during lunchtime, but i decided that this week my laptop was going to stay at home all week, so i could force myself to look away from the computer screen for at least one hour.  however, i've been going through withdrawals, my internet at work preeetty much stinks and i haven't been feeling well enough AT ALL to do anything after work, but sleep. 

i'm really looking forward to the weekend, however.  i can't wait to be home with my family (ernest included) and spend some quality time together.  you all know how much i've been missing my sister's lately.  the older we get, the closer together we grow and the harder it is to be separated.  anyway, we're heading home tomorrow, and i just can't wait!

hopefully i'll be able to get some good blogging in while at home.  i have to tell y'all how my mom almost got her own "grandma got run over by a reindeer" song!

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