Monday, December 13, 2010

my christmas wish.

all i can really think to wish for right now is a christmas date (you know, where we do something christmas-y?) with my honey.  either here in new orleans or when we're home in san antonio.

yesterday we got the bad news that his trip home will be delayed 4-6 days.  to someone who was getting excited about seeing her sweetheart in 3 days, that can seem like a lifetime. 

and now all i can hope for is that he'll make it home for christmas.  because i would really, really hate for him to have to miss another holiday with his family.

i know he's not the only sailor in the world who hasn't been home for the holiday season and, as i've said before, i'm very grateful for the men and women serving our country, but he's MY other half, and i just want him home.

so, dear usn, please send my christmas present home to me soon, so we can drink hot cocoa and look at pretty christmas lights in the park.  thanks.

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