Thursday, December 16, 2010

keeping up with the kardashians...

it's no secret that i am obsessed with the kardashians.  the good kind of obsession, as in i read any new article about them, dvr their show and check out their blogs on occassion, as well as try to emulate their style.  also, as business-women, i like their no-nonsense approach to life.  though i do not know them on a personal level, i can definitely say that as public figures, they're pretty cool.  watching their shows and following their public lives, is kinda my guilty pleasure.

my favorite kardashian sister is kourtney.  i don't know if i just relate to her because she's the big sister, or what, but i just think she's a strong individual, who puts family and love first and business second (plus her kid is SO CUTE!).  so, it's safe to say that i follow her blog most often.

as a family, the kardashians are pretty close-knit.  the kardashian sisters and their mom, kris jenner, run several businesses together, and the younger jenner sisters obviously get a lot of support from their older siblings and vice versa.  every year, the kardashian-jenner family sends out a blended-family christmas card and their usually pretty cute, with every dressed nice and a cute family theme.

this year, they did something incredibly spectacular...and kourtney posted it on her blog.  when i saw their new family christmas card, i was immediately blown away.  it's awesome and beautiful and classy and...edgy.  so edgy!  i love it.  you have to check all the pics on kourtney's blog, but here's a little peek:

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