Friday, December 17, 2010

it's friday!

the weekend is finally here, and i thought it would never come. it's been a rough week, full of all kinds of emotions for me.  i'm just glad today is friday and after work i can go home and relax...

today, i'm thankful for:

1.  my sailor-man is finally home!  it was touch-and-go there for a little while.  we weren't sure if he would be home this week, or if he would even be home in time for christmas.  but i am so very, very glad he is here and we had a very nice evening last night, just vegging out on the couch, playing with all the packages that have come in for him and watching one of the last two episodes of "swamp people(we're a little obsessed with that show, and he left before the last two episodes of the season, so i DVRed them so we could watch them together).

2.  my job.  i may sometimes wish i could get up from my desk and walk away forever, but i'm getting valuable experience here and a steady paycheck.

3.  knowing that ernest and i will both be able to go home for christmas together and hoping we get a date in.  we both love our hometown, but we rarely get to have any alone time there.  so i may have my fingers crossed that he'll take me on a date downtown to see the pretty christmas lights along the riverwalk.

4.  my workout plan is working!  i feel stronger, more energetic and it doesn't hurt that i've lost a few pounds.  now i just need to make sure i eat healthy foods more regularly.  actually, i really just need to make sure i eat more veggies and drink a little more water/milk.  i don't eat too horribly, though.  but my point is that when i go to orlando for this little event at this big event, i won't be coming in last place!!

5.  my pretty poinsettia is still alive!  i passed up plant after plant more than one trip to the grocery store and finally hit the jackpot about a week ago.  it's big and beautiful and so bright, and most importantly, it's still alive!  (for those who do not know, i have inherited my mom's black thumb, hahahaaha.  i kid you not, i could probably kill a fake plant.)

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