Friday, December 3, 2010

it's friday!

this week has flown by, y'all!  i'm so ready for the weekend, even though i'm coming into work for some overtime and i'll be spending part of it at the mall, trying really hard not to buy all the pretty things i want, haha. 

anyway.  so, today i am thankful for:

1.  little sisters.  miss my little boober and rinna roo so much!  one day we'll be reunited for good (and then i think ernest might run from me, screaming, haha!).  it's so nice to have someone to call and talk to about complete nonsense when i'm feeling bored or lonely.  talking to them almost always puts a smile on my face (and if it's not doing that, then it's turning my hair gray).

2.  my new camera!  yay, i finally got the fujifilm instax mini 7s that i have been coveting since, FOREVER.  i used it on thanksgiving and as soon as i get some time to breathe, i'll share those pictures with y'all!

3.  good friends.  i haven't talked to many of mine in a while, but we facebook often.  i'm really bad at phone calls, but it is my goal to talk to my besty this weekend, and maybe even my "big sister".  it was nice to have diana at thanksgiving.  i'm a little sad she couldn't stay longer, but just to have here there for one day was wonderful.  and casee's friend andrew came and stayed the whole weekend.  we totally loved having him there.  it's nice to have a little testosterone to break up the girly-ness of our home, every once in a while.

4.  a prettily decorated christmas tree!

5.  the true spirit of the season.  remembering those who are less fortunate, spending time with family, giving thanks to those who serve and protect our country.  yes, presents are nice, but hanging out with the people i love is nicer.

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