Saturday, December 4, 2010

happy birthday, madre!

today is my momma's birthday.  she is 48 years young, but she looks more like 38.  :-)  must be why i often get asked if i'm 17?  so in honor of "her highness", here are five things i love about my mom:

my mom is the reason i am SUCH a bookworm.  she's a major book lover herself, and reads everything from Shakespeare to Twilight.

she's also got an obsession w/young, "somewhat attractive" actors (my poor, poor dad), such as kellan lutz and robert pattinson.  you guys probably remember this post, right?  to her age is just a number, not to be worried about when you're actually LIVING your life.  my sisters and i love that mom is "hip" and fun!

martha stewart, she's not.  there's no craftiness or baking going on at our house.  but she is a great cook and i bet she could give rachel ray a run for her money.  and she's funnier too!

my mom is a giver, and i think that's the most important thing she's instilled in my sisters and i.  she always taught us that being kind and generous to others was the way to make friends and be happy.  yes, having money and things is nice, but if you don't have anyone to share those things with, then your life is lame (no really, that's what she said).

she never makes us feel dumb.  we're lucky that both of our parents have always been the kind to be encouraging, rather than discouraging, when we make mistakes, even really, really bad ones, like Fs on exams or maybe, possibly taking the car without permission (or a driver's permit).  mom's always been there to pick us up, after we've taken a fall, and dust us off.

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