Friday, December 10, 2010

Carrie Underwood - Don't Forget To Remember Me

i always start my mornings with music.  lately i've been mostly listening to holiday music and the new taylor swift album, but this morning i wasn't feeling either.  so i put my music on shuffle and merrily went on my way.  right before i pulled into the parking lot this song came on, and i just had to stay in my car to hear the whole song, despite knowing full well it was going to make me a few minutes late. 

carrie underwood ties kelly clarkson for my favorite american idol and is my favorite female solo country artist.  the girl can sing.  i know, i saw her live at cmafest and her performance left me begging for more.  i immediately checked out when she would be touring new orleans or san antonio or somewhere in between when i came home from nashville. 

but the thing about this song that got me the most this morning, is that it reminds me of when i left home.  it was released when i was a sophomore at u of r and it just touched me in so many ways.  i don't think that i can put into words how this song makes me feel, but i just know that every time it comes up on my songlist, i stop and listen to the whole song, belting the words out right along with carrie.

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