Thursday, November 18, 2010

who says you can't go home??

the weekend of halloween i decided i wanted to be at home, in san antonio.  a few weeks earlier, my very awesome and generous parents pitched in to buy me a ticket so i wouldn't have waste precious time driving.  since they split my ticket (which was surprisingly inexpensive for a roundtrip flight...gotta love southwest's low fares) i was able to afford to bring riley home with me, rather than leaving him with neighbors.

so, i flew into san antonio bright and early on saturday morning, with riley in tow.  he's such a good little world-traveler.  he was pretty subdued on the flights, and only growled a little bit anytime anyone got near me in the terminals.  my family picked us up from the airport.  corinne and dad had done a run that morning, so they were still in their running gear (so proud of my highly motivated marathon running family!). 

mom had told my granny (dad's mom) that i would be flying in that morning, so she wanted to meet up with us for a late breakfast.  we dropped riley off at my parent's house and headed to this little mexican restaurant that corinne and casee go to (it's near their school, and, also really close to ernest's dad's house) to meet her.  everytime i go home, i request mexican food for breakfast.  i can make eggs, and pancakes, and whatever else whenever i want, but to get a real tex mex breakfast, with homemade tortillas, salsa and beans??  only in san antonio. 

after we had breakfast with granny, we headed back home, so corinne and i could shower and get ready to go to the university of texas longhorns game in austin with our dad.  he had managed to score three tickets the day before, which he wanted my sisters and i to use, but casee had to work, so he got to come instead.  we tried to talk mom into coming with us, and just buying an extra ticket in an area near ours (dad said he wouldn't mind sitting alone), but i think she was tired, so she didn't want to come.  i felt bad leaving her home alone, but it was a UT game, and corinne and i had never been to one, even though we're all diehard longhorns fans. 

casee working on a costume for one of her friends.

me in the car.

we got there late (haha, what else can you expect from the contreras clan?), mostly because we miscalculated how bad traffic would be, and we didn't know what the parking situation would be like.  it was a mostly warm night, but we were fairly high up, so we got a little bit of a chill.  we ordered sausage wraps and walked all the way up to the top of the stadium (which was probably a little rough for corinne and dad seeing as how they had run a 5k that morning).  we had good seats, and the people around us weren't the kind that annoy, so that was great. 

the texas tower.

capitol building.

the longhorns stadium.

lots and lots of fans.

the texas longhorns cheerleaders "a" team.

corinne and dad.

me and rinna.  dad takes pretty good pictures, huh??

the longhorn band.

trying to score and regain the lead.

the game was good.  the longhorns were up for a good portion of it, and i really enjoyed watching the cheerleaders.  not in a creepy way, but in a "i-used-to-cheer-and-miss-it" way.  who didn't grow up wanting to be a longhorns cheerleader (i mean, besides the obvious non-longhorns fans)???  they have the cutest uniforms!!  unfortunately, the longhorns lost their stride in the last quarter, and we decided to leave early, when it was clear that the longhorns had lost the game. 

once we got home, corinne went straight to her room to get her costume on for the halloween party she and casee were going to.  casee, her boyfriend, jeremy, our cousin, madison, and madison's friend were already at our house and in their costumes.  i wish i had taken a picture of them, because they all looked so cute.  they had decided to go as a police department, so they were all wearing different police uniforms.  my mom was already asleep and as soon as the girls and jeremy left, i went to sleep too. 

the next morning we got up and had barbacoa and tamales for breakfast (my favorite!).  dad had his best friends baby shower to go to, so mom the, girls and i decided to dress up like our favorite reality tv stars (kourtney, kim and khloe kardashian and kris jenner) and go to the mall.  i decided to get my hair dyed again while we were there, so i spent my entire time in the salon. 

the dogs wore themselves out before 10 am and decided corinne would be a good source of heat and comfort.  so cute!!!

taking little cat naps.

bailey is so adorable!  and lazy like her momma.

afterwards we met up with our uncle steve (mom's brother), aunt michelle and cousin, justin, for dinner.  they were bringing justin back to his mom's house from kerrville, and since i rarely get to see my cousin, it was nice to have dinner with them.  we met at a mexican restaurant (duh) and had a good time, cracking jokes and telling stories.  justin has grown so much since i originally left home, six years ago.  he plays football now, on his high school's freshman team, and i think he's pretty good!  i can't wait til ernest and i move home so i can see him play football, and watch madison's senior year on the dance team at her high school!

"kourtney" (with bright red hair), "khloe", our "rob" and "kim", haha!  seriously, can't believe that justin is taller than ALL of us, and we were all wearing heels!!

after dinner, we headed back home and hung out, took some pictures of our pups in their costumes.  mom and i made a quick run to ernest's mom's house to drop off some gifts for baby sophia (our new niece!) and actually got stuck there for a little while.  their neighborhood gets really busy and crowded on halloween, there were kids everywhere!!  it was cute to see some of the little ones in their costumes, but i can't believe how long it took us to get in and out of there!  we were literally in traffic for 30 min or so, and it's a really small subdivision (my granny lives there, too!).  it was scary to drive through, and i'll probably never attempt that on halloween again.

chloe, the hot dog, riley, the king, and bailey, the banana split.  so cute!!

casee kept calling me, "jessica rabbit".  you can't really tell, but my hair was crazy, crazy, crazy red!!

they all followed dad into the kitchen and sat there quietly, waiting for him to give them a treat, or drop some of his chips, haha!  fatty dogs!!

i flew back to new orleans early the next morning.  it was a good weekend home, one i definitely needed.  i miss my mom, dad and sisters more and more everyday.  being home without ernest is rough, because there are places and things there that remind me of him, and make me miss him more, but it's always nice to hang out with my family and have quite a few laughs.  now i really can't wait until ernest and i move back home next year, despite my concerns about our privacy and where we're going to live and all that.  it'll be nice to hang out with my sisters whenever i want, and to not feel pulled in so many directions because everyone wants to see us, since we're rarely home. 

i'm a san antonian, to my core, no matter what texas politics look like.  i love my city and i love my state, so it'll be nice to finally settle down there.  even if it seems so far in the future (ernest said he should be able to move home around thanksgiving-time, so we have about a year), it seems more real now than before and once the new year comes, it'll probably be all i think about.

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