Tuesday, November 9, 2010

so little time...

i haven't much been in the mood to blog lately.  i've been feeling very lazy.  except i'm not lazy, not really, because i don't have the time to be lazy.  maybe that's the real reason i haven't been in the mood to blog.  i have no time!

i try to keep myself super-busy when ernest is gone.  he's been gone for two and a half weeks now, and i can honestly say, i've been super-super-busy.  first my best friend and sorority "little sister", kat, came to visit.  she arrived in new orleans the day after ernest left, which didn't leave much time for acclimating to him being gone.  kat was here for about five days, and i think we had a really great time.  but, more about that later. 

then, the following weekend, i flew home to san antonio.  i was only there for two days, but they were very full days, and i had a lot of fun with my sisters.  more about that later, too. 

since i got back, i've mostly been working, getting back into my exercise routine and doing homework.  oh and watching bones on netflix, which has become my latest crime drama obsession.  i just wish ernest was here to enjoy it with me. 

and now i'm really looking forward to this weekend, because my mom is coming to visit.  yup, i pulled the "brat-card" and begged her to come save me from my solitude, haha!  i know she's a little disappointed because she really wanted to stalk this face:

in baton rouge.  yup, my mom is obsessed with him.  and the entire twilight saga.  but, mostly him.  haha!  anyway, no word yet on whether he'll actually be in baton rouge the same weekend my mom comes to visit, but i like to poke fun at her and say that's the real reason she's coming to visit.  :-)

she's only going to be here two days, but we should have lots of fun.  and then only ten days between the day she leaves and the day i drive home for thanksgiving!  i can't wait to see my sisters again, i've been missing them a lot lately. 

so, that's a pretty basic overview of why i haven't been blogging lately.  i promise to try and be a little better this week!

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