Friday, November 19, 2010

it's friday!

it has been a very, very busy week.  i feel like i haven't had time to breathe, much less clean up my untidy apartment.  i've been putting in some overtime to make up some of the hours i'm going to miss next week and i'm also planning on coming in to the office this weekend.  i also have to clean my untidy (NOT DIRTY, two different things, in my opinion) home, take riley in for a grooming (he's really beginning to look like a mop), get a trim myself (my hair's starting to look like riley's!), do some hw and pack for my trip home next week.  i'm really, really excited for thanksgiving and being in san antonio for longer than two days (i may or may not have been tempted to start packing three days ago). 

anyway, i have a few ideas for a few posts i want to get to today, so if work is slow, you might get lucky!! 

and today, i am thankful for...

1.  the most amazing parents ever.  parents who taught me about responsibility, tolerance and how to be open-minded.  parents who have always encouraged me to educate myself, especially when it comes to the way the world work.  parents who have taught me to learn from experience, and to be a good, kind and generous person.  i really hope i'm living up to their expectations, because they've instilled so much in me.

2.  people who educate themselves before they stand on their soapboxes.

3.  a very sweet pup, who follows me all over the apartment.

4.  holiday gift guides!!!  all of the people i'm planning on buying gifts for are so different in their tastes and styles, and gift guides really help spark inspiration when it comes to planning my shopping trips.  glamour magazine always prints good ones in their november or december issues.  emily from cupcakes and cashmere has blogged two really good gift guides recently.  it also helps me to look at the websites for the shops i frequent, such as anthropologie and urban outfitters.

5.  wifi!  ernest and i have downloaded FaceTime to our Macs and we've been able to see each others faces on our computer screens and my iPhone 4.  we have wifi here at work, and ernest usually has it in whatever hotel or base he's at, and so we're able to talk to each other during my lunchtime, which is usually right before he goes to sleep.  the time difference usually makes it difficult for us to talk, but thanks to technology and free wifi i can talk to and see my boo.  :-)  doesn't get much better than that!!

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