Friday, November 12, 2010

it's friday!

geez, these fridays sure have been sneaking up on me.  today i'm thankful for:

1.  a honey that has more faith in me than i do, at times, even if he's not even there to show me.  i started to freak out big time last night, when i couldn't get out internet connection to work.  i spent two and a half hours trying to figure out what was wrong.  everytime i wanted to give up, i could hear ernest's voice, somewhat impatiently (because sometimes "i can't" are my two favorite words) telling me that, yes, i could in fact figure it out.  and i did!  kinda like all the times i tell him i can't open a jar, and he gives me THE LOOK and then i do!

2.  have i mentioned that my MOM IS COMING TO VISIT!?  she flies in tonight and i am all sorts of excited for momma-daughter time!

3.  while procrastinating on my paper yesterday, i happened upon anthropologie's holiday decorations online.  officially excited for decorating our teeny, tiny apartment for christmas!  the ideas are just piling up in my mind.  CAN'T WAIT.

4.  the fact that buns are chic and not matronly, on mornings i don't have enough time to actually do my hair.

5.  music, to get my long, long workdays.  my faves to listen to at work are glee cast, miranda lambert, lady antebellum and little big town. 

hope you all have an amazing weekend, and hope i have time to blog a little more this weekend!  ;-)

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