Friday, November 5, 2010

it's friday!

i'm having a "monday" today, so i'm finding it a little troublesome to find things to be thankful for.  but, luckily for me, i have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, and it's thinking of those things that keeps me from wanting to slam the phone on EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients, and ram ernest's car into the backs of idiot drivers.  so i guess, these upcoming events are the things that i am thankful for today, because they're keeping me sane!

1.  my mom is coming to visit next weekend!!!  of course, i slightly suspect she wants to go to baton rouge and stalk robert pattinson more than she wants to actually come see me...haha!

2.  my friends, diana and madeleine, girls i cheered with at U of R, are spending thanksgiving w/me and my family in san antonio!  diana currently is a TFA teacher in houston and madeleine is going to grad school at Vanderbilt's Divinity School.

3.  my sailor man is now only 5 weeks away from coming home.  we've survived the first two weeks, and here's to hoping the next 5 go by just as quickly.

4.  starbucks has their holiday cups out now.  yay!  i'm really excited for the holidays and super-glad that ernest will be here for christmas and new years this year, even if he has to miss thanksgiving.  next year will be his last in the navy, and i'm all kids of excited that i get to celebrate the start of it with him!

5.  i'm just really really thankful for the weekend, because i need sleep like crazy.  my lack of sleep is probably what's affecting my current attitude and desire to "mad-dog" everyone in sight.  so, this weekend will be full of sleeping and getting back on schedule (plus a little cleaning, homework and working out).

and i just have to add one more was 50 degrees when i took riley out this morning!  so happy that the cold weather has finally graced us with it's presence!!!  :-)

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tia fina said...

I'm going to see my girl. if, by some lucky chance i am also afforded the opportunity to see RP, then i will be a very pleased to have that opportunity but it will pale in comparison to the joy i will experience spending time with my oldest daughter.